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Look Here, Read: Nine single-panel comics by Hilda Terry

Apologies in advance for the poor quality of the images this time around: I scanned all nine of the single-panel comics by Hilda Terry displayed below — seven from 1942, two from 1945 — from printouts that I made from microfilm of back issues of The Saturday Evening Post. I’ve made some adjustments to my scans of the printouts to make them more readable, but they’re definitely a lot rougher than I’d like. And yet, I still think they’re well worth posting. Enjoy!


Publication information is in the file names. Looks like I forgot to record the day and month of the issue of The Saturday Evening Post from 1942 that included the comic with the caption, “We just came in for a glass of water!” I also neglected to record the page numbers. Sorry!

To see more energetic and attractive work by the wonderful Hilda Terry, start here.

2 thoughts on “Look Here, Read: Nine single-panel comics by Hilda Terry

  1. Not much to say here that isn’t plain obvious — but geez, those 1945 panels are fabulous. The slump of the shoulders, the rumple of the skirt, the way Terry allows the girls’ legs and feet to splay and intertwine. Take that and add in the clever wording, mixing a budding sexuality with rooms decked out in the signs of childhood. Amazing.


  2. Not much for me to say except to agree with you. From the mid-1940s to the very early 1960s (more or less), Hilda Terry’s artwork was first rate!


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