Admin Announcements


Well, after much deliberation, I have decided to fold the RCN categories “Swipe, Homage, or Happenstance?” and “Call and Response” into a catch-all called “Connections.” I doubt very many people will notice the difference or care — no posts have been deleted; they’ve just been recategorized — but I thought it might be polite, and possibly helpful to those that do care, to draw attention to the change.

I suppose I should also mention that I’ve now set WordPress to close comments on old topics after 30 days. The previous policy here at RCN was to leave the comments on all topics open indefinitely in the hope of attracting a few words of polite comment and/or encouragement. Since that hasn’t worked out — fact is, the only visitors to this blog who think it’s cool to post in old topics are link spammers — I’ve decided to experiment with the new setting in the hope that it will at least reduce the amount of spam cleanup that I have to do each week.

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