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Connections: Rockwell (1954) vs. McGinnis (1964)

Take a close look at the full-page picture of the female movie star in the magazine that Norman Rockwell’s Girl at Mirror has in her lap. Now look at the reflection of the woman in Robert McGinnis’s painting for the Carter Brown novel, The Never-Was Girl; see how McGinnis’s model seems to be using her hands as a cover to test how she would look with her hair done up like Rockwell’s movie star; also, simply compare the two faces. Coincidence? I doubt it…

BONUS IMAGE (added 16 January 2014):

Connections · Illustration Art · Norman Rockwell

Connections: Norman Rockwell vs. Myron Fass

I’m not a big fan of Norman Rockwell, but as I was browsing through an old romance comic, what to my wondering eyes should appear but more fodder for an irregular feature here at RCN entitled “Connections.”

The story, “Powerhouse of Deceit!,” from Dream of Love #9, is uncredited, but GCD identifies the penciller and inker as Myron Fass. The comic was published in 1958, but the story, apparently, is a reprint from Great Lover Romances #3, Toby Press, 1951 series.

(Hey, trivia fans! Do you know who was art director and comics editor at Toby Press in 1951? Here’s a hint: I mentioned it in a previous post. That’s right: it was none other than the creator of the comic strips “Miss Peach” and “Momma,” Mell Lazarus, though I think he still spelled his first name “Mel” at that time.)

Norman Rockwell’s famous illustration, Strictly a Sharpshooter, is from 1941.