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Look Here: A Zebra illustrated picture gothic with cover art by Fernando Fernandez

The cover is uncredited, but the moment I pulled Larksong at Dawn out of the stacks of old paperbacks at a local church sale, I knew by the signature that the illustrator was Fernando Fernández, whose “Circles Trilogy” was featured here at RCN back in 2010. Fernández had died earlier that same year, and his passing was noted, and his career celebrated, in an obituary published on the Guardian website right here.



Look Here, Read: “The Circles Trilogy” by Fernando Fernandez

Keywords: Fernando Fernandez, Larksong at Dawn by Agnes Russell.

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Look Here: Two more covers with art by Jeffrey Jones

One of the following covers with art by Jeffrey Jones is pretty badly scuffed. Can you guess which one it is?


If I ever come across a better copy of The New Adam, I’ll probably buy it. I only purchased the battered copy that you see above at a local church sale because I couldn’t, at that moment, remember having seen one before, ever.

As for my copy of The Hand of Kane, I have to say, it’s in much better condition than the scan makes it look.

And so it goes…

Keywords: Jeffrey Jones, The Hand of Kane by Robert E. Howard, The New Adam by Stanley G. Weinbaum.

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Look Here: A classic novel with sinister cover art by Ralph McQuarrie

Although American commercial artist Ralph McQuarrie (13 June 1929 – 03 March 2012) was perhaps best known for his work as a conceptual designer for movies and television, including the original Star Wars trilogy (1977-1983), Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), the original Battlestar Galactica TV series (1978), E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), and Cocoon (1985), he was also active, especially in the 1980s, as a cover illustrator for non-movie-related SF paperbacks. Here’s an especially effective example of McQuarrie’s work in that vein, scanned by me from my very own copy of Eric Frank Russell’s Sinister Barrier:


Keywords: Ralph McQuarrie, Sinister Barrier by Eric Frank Russell.

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Look Here: Five paperback covers with art by Bruce Pennington

More scans of books selected from the piles that continually rise and fall and fall and rise again around me here in our tiny home office; the artist this time around is Bruce Pennington:


Keywords: Bruce Pennington; Simon Rack; Macabre Railway Stories, edited by Ronald Holmes; Alpha 5, edited by Robert Silverberg; Starcross by Laurence James; The Towers of Utopia by Mack Reynolds; Lost Worlds: Volume 1 by Clark Ashton Smith

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Look Here: ROLLERBALL MURDER with cover art by Bob Peak


The artwork for the above cover, which I just scanned from the battered copy in my personal collection, is uncredited and unsigned, but the style is unmistakable — even if one didn’t already know that the image had been recycled from the Rollerball movie poster.

Finally, apropos of nothing, here’s a bit of discontinuity that I noticed: although the cover of William Harrison’s book sports the title “Rollerball Murder” (two words), the title page says it’s “Rollerball [one word]: 13 Selected Stories by William Harrison,” while the actual title of the short story upon which the movie Rollerball was based is given in two places — the contents page and the story’s title page — as “Roller Ball Murder” (three words). A mistake, or a case of the publishers wanting to have their cake and eat it? You decide.


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Look Here: Two lovely mystery covers with art by McGinnis


Wish the books were in better condition, and cleaner, but cheapskates can’t be choosers. “Buy low, pile high” is my motto. Okay, not really; I just made that up. Clever turn of phrase, though. And true, all too true, too. Just ask my wife.

Keywords: The Case of the Bigamous Spouse and The Case of the Golddigger’s Purse by Erle Stanley Gardner, Perry Mason, Robert McGinnis.

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Look Here: One lovely cover with kaleidoscopic art by Wilson McLean

I collect ’em (if they’re cheap enough), I scan ’em (when I can force myself to do the work), I process ’em (though I have no idea what I’m doing), and I post ’em (with a modicum of commentary, when the mood strikes; with blather like this, when I can’t think of anything interesting to say, which these days is nine times out of ten):


Scottish artist Wilson McLean was inducted by the Society of Illustrators into its Hall of Fame in 2010.


Keywords: Dilaton Effect by Douglas R. Mason, Synthajoy by D.G. Compton, The Wind from the Sun by Arthur C. Clark, Wilson McLean, Richard Powers.

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Look Here: Three PBK covers with airbrush art by Grossman, by Pound, and by Pritchett

More scans? Yes, of course! Why not?! More scans…


You like? I like.

Keywords: Jimmy the Kid by Donald E. Westlake, The Space Swimmers by Gordon R. Dickson, Rajan by Tim Lukeman, John Pound, Robert Grossman, Tom Pritchett.

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Look Here: The cover of Edmund Cooper’s SEED OF LIGHT, with art by Jim Burns

I scanned the front cover of Seed of Light from my personal copy; the JPEG of the artist’s airbrushed artwork sans text is from Paul Hartzog’s Flickr photostream.


Not sure which of the two images above displays the correct colour, but at this moment, I think I prefer the one with the overall greenish cast and softer focus, i.e. the printed cover.

Finally, yes, the cover of my copy of Seed of Light has a wraparound image. But the fact is, earlier today, when I scanned the front, I simply was not in the mood to scan the spine and the back and piece it all together.

Keywords: Seed of Light by Edmund Cooper, Jim Burns.

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Look Here: One lovely cover with surrealistic art by Gervasio Gallardo

Yes, once again, a book cover scanned from the library of yours truly, and hey — bonus! — this one is in nice condition:



From Salvador Dali on abstract art…: