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Look Here: Four ’40s paperbacks by Hammett, with cover art by various hands

None of the following paperbacks by Dashiell Hammett includes a credit for the cover artist, but the languorous signature of H. Lawrence Hoffman is clearly visible in the lower left-hand corner of the “Pocket Book Editions” of Red Harvest and in the lower-middle of The Thin Man. Several websites give Gerald Gregg the nod for the cover of Dead Yellow Women, so let’s just say that one is by that guy (unless and until someone proves otherwise). And last but not least, the cover art for The Glass Key is signed “MANSU” in the lower right, a solid clue that ought to lead to an attribution, except that I have no idea who Mansu is, and neither, if Google is to be believed, does anyone else. But maybe you can help…?


UPDATE (19 July 2014):

Turns out, the cover art for The Glass Key is not signed “MANSU.” Rather, the signature is “MANSO,” which is the surname of Leo Manso (1914-1993), who later made a name for himself as an abstract painter and collagist.

Keywords: The Thin Man, Red Harvest, Dead Yellow Women, The Glass Key, Dashiell Hammett, H. Lawrence Hoffman, Gerald Gregg, Leo Manso.

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