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Look Here: Two Sax Rohmer Paperback Covers by J. Lombardero

Every once in a while, in my weekly rummage through the local thrift stores, I come across a few old paperbacks that call out to be purchased not for the stories, which may or may not be any good, but for the covers. That’s the case here:

Sax Rohmer, of course, is the creator of Fu Manchu, but who is J. Lombardero? He’s an illustrator, obviously, but beyond that, I have no idea.

On the same trip, I bought three original paperbacks in the “Operator 5” series (which I’d never heard of before I bought the books). Perhaps I’ll scan the covers of those for a later post. There’s one, in particular, that’s absolutely wild.

Keywords: The Golden Scorpion, The Yellow Claw.

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