3 thoughts on “Connections: Franz von Stuck and Jeffrey Jones

  1. By far Jones’ is more impressive. If you are going to borrow better make yours better. I think I heard that somewhere. Of course I butchered it.


  2. I agree with you, Luis.

    Frazetta’s cover for The Moon Maid, for instance, is clearly an attempt to out-do the previous Moon Maid covers by Roy Krenkel and by J. Allen St. John. Frazetta’s strategy is typical of his work in general: he eroticizes the woman, hyper-masculinizes the centaur-like creature, and amps up the drama by stripping away extraneous detail and by spotlighting the action.

    The repainted version of The Moon Maid is Frazetta’s attempt to out-do himself.

    One doesn’t need to like the work to admire the ambition.


  3. Yep that one is an excellent example of Frazetta’s ambition/confidence. I love the original cover of the novel. I wished he’d painted another version instead of painted over the original. I’m sure many other fans think the same. In that case the gal looks better, but the centaur’s face and arms were slopping. The face of the creature in the original has a more bewildered look and has a specific styled face from that period also seen in the “Moon Men” painting which I love. Those close together eyes in deep shadow I think inspired much of Mignola’s art for Hellboy miscellaneous monsters. Anyways I have no idea why there is no high resolution image of “Moon Men” available (have you seen one?). I have the Testament book which uses it as it’s cover, but you can tell the quality is no good.


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