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Heads Up: BETTER THINGS art sale

An all-star roster of artists has contributed prints and original art — see gallery page one and page two — to Macab Films to support the documentary, Better Things: The Life and Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones, and Bill Cox, a “premium gallery owner” at, has stepped up to assist with the sale of the works.

At the moment, twelve prints are available for purchase, including these three:

And thirty-three (!) original drawings and paintings are available, including these five:

If you have the money to spend, your support will be greatly appreciated, I have no doubt, so act now to reserve your favourites. Those links again: prints, original art page one, original art page two.


I wonder… do you suppose it is possible that Bill Sienkiewicz based the composition of the painting he donated to Better Things on the following illustration by Jones himself:

Just for fun, here’s a side-by-side:

You know what? I think it’s possible… or maybe it’s just a lovely coincidence…

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