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Connections: Luis Ricardo Falero and Jeffrey Jones

I saw the painting Crescent Moon (a.k.a., Moon Nymph) by nineteenth-century Spanish painter and astronomy enthusiast Luis Ricardo Falero for the first time about an hour ago, when I read an article about Falero’s work that Ron Miller wrote for io9 and posted earlier today. And as is my wont, I immediately noticed a possible connection between one of Falero’s paintings and an SF illustration by one of my favourite artists, Jeffrey Jones, the promotion of whose work has been a frequent theme of my posts here at RCN (although not so much lately as it has been in the past):


BONUS IMAGE (added 27 December 2013):

2 thoughts on “Connections: Luis Ricardo Falero and Jeffrey Jones

  1. Hello, here’s another connection, it’s between the “Moon Nymph” and Delacroix with his wonderful painting “The Death of Sardanapalus”, this is the detail I’m talking about:


  2. For convenience sake, adrian, I’ve replaced the link in your post with the actual image, uploaded to the RCN server.

    Thanks for playing along. 🙂


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