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Look Here (and There): Six TEXAS COWBOYS covers, with art by Matthieu Bonhomme

Source: “Texas Cow-Boys (Trondheim et Bonhomme)” – this message-board thread includes small scans of interior pages as well as the cover scans.

10 thoughts on “Look Here (and There): Six TEXAS COWBOYS covers, with art by Matthieu Bonhomme

  1. I met Trondheim back in 1997… Very shy guy in person…I used to read his “Lapinot” stories… There is some great stuff from him at “L’Association” and some english stuff at Fantagraphics (The Nimrod, five or six issues and two “Lapinot” books…


  2. Wow, Steed, you really get around. I’m impressed.

    My son loves Sfar and Trondheim’s Dungeon books, but I’ve only read a couple of them. My loss, I suppose. But it is simply not possible to follow everyone’s work. There are only so many minutes in the day, so many days in the year, so many years in a lifetime…


  3. Especially when Dungeons is supposed to be 300 volumes-long in five different series (Donjon Potron-Minet, Donjon Zénith, Donjon Crépuscule, Donjon Parade and Donjon Monsters)… I used to follow it when it started… I’ve already mentionned meeting Trondheim in 1997, but I also met Joann Sfar in 2000…


  4. Three hundred volumes? Who do they think they are? Dave Sim? LOL!

    On the other hand, I read a comment on the Comics Journal site just a few days ago from someone named Tony who referred in an offhanded way to news that Trondheim and Sfar have abandoned the Dungeon series; in a reply, Fantagraphics publisher Kim Thompson noted that the creators might do one more volume to wrap up the series, but that that would be it. My son is not going to be pleased. But he’s reading fewer and fewer comics these days anyway.


  5. About Donjon: the serie is closed for some years. Sfar was involved in other works and the original drawers (Blain, Trondheim, Sfar, Larcenet…) stopped the drawings. So, at the end, it was pretty messy. I’ve heard too that Trondheim and Sfar will work again on it but no fresh news for the moment.
    Well, I pratically worked with Sfar (and Morvan) on “Troll” serie but I said no because the pitch was to strange for me 🙂


  6. You are made of sterner stuff than most cartoonists, Li-An.

    I’m sure there are many young guns out there just wishing that Sfar would call and offer them work, no matter how strange the project!


  7. Well, at the time Sfar was not known at all. And it was Morvan who asked me for the work 🙂 I think I was not the good guy: they needed a funny fantasy drawing style I could not produce.


  8. Ah, I see. I should have looked up the date for the “Troll” series, which according to Amazon was published in French eight years ago, in 2004. Is that right? And there is no English translation, so far as I can tell. Anyway, I had never heard of the series before you mentioned it, and I just assumed it was something more recent. My mistake.


  9. Referencing to this:
    the serie began in 1996. I was working with JD Morvan on different projects at the time. He was coming back from St Malo comics festival with Sfar in his car and they invented the story during the travel to Paris. So I met Sfar in Paris at the time and I was surprised to see him drawing as I thought he only wrote stories.


  10. Even earlier… so, if Wikipedia is to be trusted, Sfar was born 28 August 1971, which means he was about 25 years old, and according to you, he was not yet an international sensation able to attract young artists to his side with any harebrained scheme for a new series that happened to pop into his brain — what a slacker he was! 😉

    From the same Wikipedia article:

    Les Potamoks (with José-Luis Munuera, art)
    1. Terra Incognita (1996, Delcourt, ISBN 2-84055-088-1)
    2. Les fontaines rouges (1996, Delcourt, ISBN 2-84055-110-1)
    3. Nous et le désert (1997, Delcourt, ISBN 2-84055-147-0)

    Google Translate helpfully translates “Les Potamoks” as “The Potamoks”… of course! (Uhm… what’s a Potamok? A surname? One of fifty French words for “Troll”? Something else?)

    Silliness aside, is that the series you’re referring to, Li-An?

    The only other series by Sfar et al. that Wikipedia says began in 1996 is this one:

    Petrus Barbygère (with Pierre Dubois, scenario)
    L’elficologue (1996, Delcourt, ISBN 2-84055-082-2)
    Le croquemitaine d’écume (1997, Delcourt, ISBN 2-84055-136-5)

    Or maybe THAT is the one. I have no idea…

    When I searched for info before, I just searched for “Joann Sfar” and “Troll.” Clearly, I am not in any way equipped to research French comics.


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