2 thoughts on “Connections: Frazetta vs. Ferri

  1. Those Zagors are pretty obvious. Looks like a unique idea for a Western hero, though. I wonder is the artist also the creator and/or writer?


  2. Hi Clayton! According to Wikipedia, “Zagor is an Italian comic book created by editor and writer Sergio Bonelli (pseudonym Guido Nolitta) and artist Gallieno Ferri. Zagor was first published In Italy by Sergio Bonelli Editore in 1961.” Since I haven’t read any of the comics — I’ve only flipped through an Italian edition of “Special Collezione Zagor #4” — I can’t comment on the quality of the stories/writing, but the artwork doesn’t seem like anything special. (Is Zagor published in English? I don’t think so…) I only noticed the Frazetta swipe on “Special Collezione Zagor #4” because a small scan of the cover (smaller than the one we have here) was posted recently by a comics reporter along with his obituary of Sergio Bonelli, who died late last month. And it was when I went looking for the name of the artist on Zagor that I noticed the slightly less obvious Frazetta swipe on the “Tutto Zagor” cover, although the fact that those two swipes were so easy to find probably means there are plenty more to be discovered in Ferri’s work.


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