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Heads Up: Buy some art, comics, and/or prints and help Dustin Harbin pay some bills

On his tumblr account today (and via a message on Google+), cartoonist/illustrator Dustin Harbin announced a sale in his big cartel store, otherwise known as The Dharbmart. Earlier this year, I purchased two “Ten-Dollar Fourths” (for US$10.00 each, natch!) and one “One-Hour Drawing” (for a mere US$30.00) from The Dharbmart, and I must tell you, I am delighted with my purchases. (Don’t trust my judgment? Do yourself a solid and check out the scans in Dharbin!’s Flickr photostream.) In fact, I was so delighted with my purchases that earlier this week I ordered a second “One Hour Drawing,” and today, after reading about the sale, I purchased a copy of the following limited edition, 9 x 12 inch colour print, entitled “The Devil You Know”:

So, dear reader, if you have a little money burning a hole in your pocket, and have a hankering to be a patron of the graphic arts, please consider a purchase from Dustin Harbin. He’s a skillful, thoughtful, dedicated artist and a disarmingly nice person who would love to sucker punch you to the funny bone with an original drawing, comic, and/or print. But if you’re interested, don’t delay! Dustin says that the sale will only run until Friday 22 July 2011, or until he runs out of stuff, whichever comes first.


The Comics Reporter > CR Holiday Interview #5 — Dustin Harbin — posted by interviewer Tom Spurgeon on 24 December 2010.

BONUS IMAGE (added 14 December 2013):

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