4 thoughts on “Connections: Frazetta vs. Bisley

  1. I think I agree, in a general sense, especially the leopard, but I think inspiration is all. That is, Biz didn’t out and out copy Frazetta. I know Biz sort of derives his style from Frazetta in a way, or in a lot of ways perhaps, but I never looked at his stuff as slavishly copying. I know of other artists who do so, to their detriment, but I won’t name names.


  2. No. In this instance, not only in a general sense but specifically. The big cat is a major giveaway, but there’s more. Look beyond the subject matter. Take a moment to determine the major lines of the two compositions. (Also, note the placement of the colour purple.) If you do so, I think you’ll agree that Bisley has clearly based his composition on Frazetta’s. If you want, I suppose I could diagram it for you…


  3. It’s one of Bisley’s least interesting paintings. Side by side on this one Bisley’s work looks so God awful. I thought his 90’s work was his best and a half dozen or so after that.


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