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Visitors to RCN: Where on earth do they come from?

I have never done anything much to promote this blog, and yet it consistently receives from 100 to 150 unique visitors a day and twice to three times as many page views. And during the past summer, RCN often received over 300 unique visitors a day — which, I know, is a drop in the bucket for a commercial site, but to little old me, it’s simply amazing!

And the diversity of visitors! Why, just in the past hour, according to StatPressCN and utrace, RCN received a baker’s dozen of visitors from the following “regions”:

Giugliano In Campania (IT)
Paris (FR)
Beverly Hills (US)
Calgary (CA)
Las Palmas (ES)
Schwerte (DE)
Amsterdam (NL)
Austin (US)
Phoenix (US)
Bogotá (CO)
Syracuse (US)
Farmington (US)
Mission (US)

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… it’s a pity there’s no easy way to list every region; however, to one and all, I’d just like to say, thanks for looking, and reading, and posting, and linking, and emailing, and… well… just being here. Because the fact is, RCN attracts just enough visitors and feedback right now to keep me wanting to post, but not so many or so much that I feel overwhelmed by the responsibility or overburdened by the time I devote to it.


Here are all of the “regions” (with duplicates removed) from which RCN received visitors today, 23 October 2010, between 15:17:31 and 15:55:06:

Seoul (KR)
Barcelona (ES)
Málaga (ES)
Manresa (ES)
Shanghai (CN)
Amsterdam (NL)
Astoria (US)
Winsted (US)
South Burlington (US)
Paris (FR)
Mexico (MX)

Small world, eh?

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