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Connections: Gustave Courbet vs. Suehiro Maruo

Sometimes “connection” ain’t nothing but swipe misspelled:

I noticed the Suehiro Maruo page just this morning on the Entrecomics site, where it was posted to illustrate a review of La extraña historia de la Isla Panorama (Glénat, 2009). The reviewer, however, made no mention of the Courbet swipe.

Of course, it may be that the artist intended the swipe to be noticed, that it’s a deliberate visual quotation that reinforces or plays off of specific ideas in the story. Unfortunately, at this moment, I have no way of knowing, since I have only seen that one page from the story, and what’s more, I don’t read Spanish (though it’s easy enough to run blog posts through the Google translator to get the gist of them).

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