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Connections: Frazetta and Meseldžija

The Bud’s Art Books catalogue arrived today, and as I was flipping idly through the pages, I noticed something that seemed familiar in a tiny thumbnail image of a book cover (issue 1010F, page 67, item E). Here, take a look at the much larger images below, and see if you notice it, too.

Is this mere happenstance? Maybe, maybe not. You decide.

5 thoughts on “Connections: Frazetta and Meseldžija

  1. Well, maybe they use the same photography 🙂
    Well, as the horse is better in Meseldžija’s painting, it’s hard to decide :-)) (look at the two legs behind: they are much more dynamic than in Frazetta’s painting) (and sorry for my bad english).


  2. After I posted the comparison, I visited the artist’s Web site. Turns out, he’s a huge fan of Frazetta. 🙂


  3. BTW, Li-An, I’m pretty sure “the mad king” in Frazetta’s illustration isn’t riding a horse. Instead, what he’s actually riding into battle is a horson. Don’t know what a “horson” is? It’s the offspring of a male horse and a female bison. Very rare. And sterile, of course. 😉


  4. Has his father’s face and his mother’s two legs behind… that’s why he gallops like a girl… 😉


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