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Look There: Selections from Dave Cooper’s “Bent” at

Underwire: Dave Cooper’s Comics Grotesquerie Gets Bent (With a Nod From Del Toro)


When I first saw the above image, I was immediately reminded of William Blake’s The Whirlwind of Lovers:


A frivolous comparison? Perhaps…

Dave Cooper’s Bent is published by Fantagraphics Books. To get Bent directly from the publisher, click here.

Also, Dave Cooper is on tour to promote his book. Visit the Fantagraphics FLOG! blog for details and updates.

4 thoughts on “Look There: Selections from Dave Cooper’s “Bent” at

  1. Don’t be afraid, Li-An. Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend.

    Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read…

    [That’s a swipe from Groucho Marx.]


  2. I was just seeing Cooper’s Bent book last night. Funny I also was admiring that specific painting which I swear I hadn’t noticed in the book before. It also is my new favorite because the colors and everything is exquisite.


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