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Connections: Frank Frazetta vs. Brent Anderson

The lesson here is: don’t swipe holus-bolus from a masterwork of illustration art unless you’re certain you have the chops to transform what you’ve swiped into a new image that doesn’t make viewers shake their heads in dismay not only at your lack of originality but also at your shaky grasp of the basic skills of a professional artist:

2 thoughts on “Connections: Frank Frazetta vs. Brent Anderson

  1. Either swipe or homage, but I don’t think it’s happenstance. Actually, I think Brent was very inspired by that awesome Frazetta and couldn’t help himself. The right foot, especially, of the monkey-man looks like he tried to get the same effect as Frazetta, as well as the overall composition. But I’m not blaming Anderson, a pretty darn good artist in his own right. I think everybody has done the old swipe once in a while.


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