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Connections: (Jones vs. Jones?) vs. Williamson

The cover of The Three Faces of Time, which I bought yesterday at a used book store in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, is uncredited, and no signature is visible, but it sure looks like the work of Jeffrey Jones, circa 1968-69, to me.

ABOVE: Jack Williamson, Seetee Shock (New York: Lancer, 1968), with cover by Jeffrey Jones.
ABOVE: Frank Belknap Long, The Three Faces of Time (New York: Tower, 1969), with cover by Jeffrey Jones.

UPDATE (24 July 2010):

This just in: reader Patrick Hill points out in the comments section of this post that Jones informed him ten years ago that he (Jones) swiped the pose of the main figure in Seetee Shock and The Three Faces of Time from “H2O World,” with story by Larry Ivie and art by Al Williamson and Roy Krenkel. Here’s the ocular proof:

ABOVE: Al Williamson and Roy Krenkel (artists), first page complete, "H2O World," Creepy #1 (1964), page 10.

ABOVE: Al Williamson and Roy Krenkel (artists), first page detail, "H2O World," Creepy #1 (1964), page 10.

If nothing else, the above news should make Maroto fans smile.

Keywords: Seetee Shock, The Three Faces of Time.

5 thoughts on “Connections: (Jones vs. Jones?) vs. Williamson

  1. Hmmm … let’s just call it an homage so noone gets fussy about all the minutiae as to where or whom came first. Both nice pieces though. Thank you for sharing & finding them …


  2. Yes, the Three Faces of Time was a swipe from Jones — but Jones informed me ten years ago that he swiped the pose from an Al Williamson panel from Creepy #1… Look for it; you’ll find it…


  3. Thanks for the info, Patrick. I’ve just added the Williamson-Krenkel page to the body of the post, and I’ve credited you with the find.

    To Julian, Chris, and others interested in Jones’s work, click here to view an online gallery of art by Jeffrey Jones in Patrick’s personal collection.


  4. In the months before she passed away, Jeffrey Catherine Jones posted these three images on her Facebook page, freely speaking of the WIlliamson source for her own image in “Seetee Shock,” and said she did NOT paint the cover art for “Three Faces of Time.” I have not as yet been able to ascertain who DID paint it. And BTW it is still a terrible feeling of loss on her passing.


  5. I’m very sorry Jones’s passing is still so painful to you, Tony, but I’m gratified to know that Jones was able to make use of scans from RCN in discussions about her work with her friends on Facebook. Since I was never one of Jones’s Facebook followers, I’ve never seen or read what she posted there. I was very pleased, however, when I noticed that Jones had quoted one of my posts about her landscape paintings (and elsewhere had displayed a few of the cover scans that I made from the books in my personal collection) on her official Web site. This was before the IDW book about Jones’s work was published — a book that includes, for the first time ever, an entire section specifically devoted to Jones’s landscape paintings!

    Anyway, thanks very much for taking a moment to post, Tony. And thanks also for the information about the THREE FACES OF TIME cover. Very puzzling indeed…


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