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Look Here: Three John Boyd novels with cover art by Peter Cross

I only have three paperbacks with covers by Peter Cross, and here they all are:


Truth be told, I don’t think any of the above covers is really very good. They deliver an immediate visual punch, and so are well-suited to their purpose, which is to attract attention on crowded bookstore shelves, but they don’t reward close examination for the simple reason that the drawing is weak, and the technique, much too simple. They’re the cover-illustration equivalent of black-light posters and black-velvet paintings, both of which were at the height of their popularity in the 1970s, which is when those editions of John Boyd’s novels were published.

Keywords: The Last Starship from Earth, The Rakehells of Heaven, The Girl with the Jade Green Eyes.

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Look Here: Six (more) SF covers with art by Paul Lehr

From my personal library of disintegrating pulp:


My favourite image in the above group is Lehr’s wraparound cover for John Boyd’s The Rakehells of Heaven, even though the display font used for the title and author name is overbearing and, in places, difficult to decipher! To view all of the covers with art by Paul Lehr that I’ve posted so far, click here.

Keywords: Wine of the Dreamers, Space Gypsies, The End of Eternity, The Rakehells of Heaven, The Phaeton Condition, The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You!

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Look Here: Nine Paperback Covers by Paul Lehr

From the bookshelves of yours truly, here are nine paperback covers (ten, actually; a bonus image was added at a later date) by Paul Lehr, along with one Lehr-ish cover by another hand:

Keywords: The Anome, The Enemy Stars, Andromeda Gun, Isle of the Dead, Counter-Clock World, Earth Abides, Pebble in the Sky, The Stars My Destination, Grimm’s World, The Cosmic Rape, Conquerors from the Darkness.