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Look Here: ROLLERBALL MURDER with cover art by Bob Peak


The artwork for the above cover, which I just scanned from the battered copy in my personal collection, is uncredited and unsigned, but the style is unmistakable — even if one didn’t already know that the image had been recycled from the Rollerball movie poster.

Finally, apropos of nothing, here’s a bit of discontinuity that I noticed: although the cover of William Harrison’s book sports the title “Rollerball Murder” (two words), the title page says it’s “Rollerball [one word]: 13 Selected Stories by William Harrison,” while the actual title of the short story upon which the movie Rollerball was based is given in two places — the contents page and the story’s title page — as “Roller Ball Murder” (three words). A mistake, or a case of the publishers wanting to have their cake and eat it? You decide.