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Look Here: A savage “Barack Hussein Obama” strip by Steven Weissman

This summer, my wife and I bought a page of original art from the online comic strip, “Barack Hussein Obama,” by Steven Weissman; the page, which is signed by the artist, is from an ongoing sequence that Steven began posting online in the spring of 2013 entitled “Looking for America’s Dog.” Here’s a scan:


If I had to break it down, I would say that the first element that drew me to the above page was the opening panel with Barack Hussein Obama’s daughter Sasha in what has become an iconic pose/situation in the strip. Second was the beautiful use of blood-red design tone in the third panel. And third, the overall excellence of the timing of the words and pictures in the fight sequence.

A hardcover collection of Weissman’s “Barack Hussein Obama” was published by Fantagraphics in 2012, and I thought it was one of the best “graphic novels” of the year. If the “real” Barack Hussein Obama had lost the election in November of last year, the strip probably would have ended then and there. But Obama won, and Weissman has been posting new instalments ever since, with a view, I suppose, to a second collection — or perhaps simply a complete collection — at some point in the future.

Fans of first-rate cartooning — and screen/design tones! — can follow Barack Hussein Obama‘s surreal progress at What Things Do.

Original art by Steven Weissman is available for purchase via his bigcartel shop.


From the collection, Barack Hussein Obama, page 33, via Flickr:

From the Stinckers blog, September 2012:

From the Stinckers Facebook photostream, October 2012:

Like I said… iconic…

P.S. You can shop for uncut production sheets and 3-packs of Stinckers on Etsy.

Heads Up! · Steven Weissman

Heads Up: “Barack Hussein Obama” by Steven Weissman

Coming in September 2012 (subject to change):

Here’s the official description from the Fantagraphics catalogue:

What does it mean to live in America today? If you know there’s no right answer to that question, you’ll want to read Barack Hussein Obama — a book about you; about your country, your family, your president.

Barack Hussein Obama is not a graphic novel. It’s neither a biography nor an experiment, but a whole, fully-realized parallel America, a dada-esque, surrealistic satirical vision that is no more cockeyed than the real thing, its weirdness no more weird, its vision of the world no more terrifying, where the zombie-esque simulacra of Joe Biden and Hillary and Newt and Obama wander, if not exactly through the corridors of power, through an America they made and have to live in, like it or not.

American cartoonist Steven Weissman takes from the lives of the leader of the free world, his friends, his family, his sworn enemies, and gives them a new life that is both withering and oblique, devastating and contemplative, chaotic and pellucid.

Before you lose your will to vote, read Barack Hussein Obama.

You can read Weissman’s “Barack Hussein Obama” strips online via the “what things do” site: click here.

At turns poetic, surreal, absurd, enigmatic, horrifying, and laugh-out-loud funny, Steven Weissman’s “Barack Hussein Obama” is American politics viewed through gamma-ray specs. Here there be monsters. On both sides of the lenses.