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Look Here: Four sumptuous colour illustrations by Gertrude A. Kay

Seems like I’m constantly flipping through dusty, inexpensive old books searching for hidden gems of illustration, and more often than not, coming up empty. Yesterday, however, I finally, after a bit of a drought, came across a book with pictures that I thought would make a lovely addition to the archive here at RCN.


The interior images are a little soft, but that’s due more to certain technical shortcomings of the reproduction than to my obdurate incompetence as a scanner.

What I didn’t realize when I purchased The Little Lame Prince and Other Stories (Philadelphia: David McKay Company, 1927) by Dinah Maria Mulock, is that the illustrator, Gertrude A. Kay, was a student of Howard Pyle at the Drexel Institute in Philadelphia! You can read a short profile of Gertrude A. Kay, who was successful both as a illustrator for women’s magazines and as a writer and illustrator of children’s books, over at a site called Illustration Art Solutions.