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Look Here: “The Seven Spectral Perils” by Dorothea Tanning

From the portfolio “Les 7 Périls Spectraux” (Paris: Galerie Les Pas Perdus, 1950), here are scans of seven colour lithographs by the under-appreciated American surrealist painter, printmaker, sculptor, and writer, Dorothea Tanning (1910-2012); the lithographs themselves are tucked safely away in the collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC:


To learn more about Dorothea Tanning, who died in New York City on 31 January 2012 at the age of 101, you would do well to begin with a visit to the artist’s website, which is maintained by The Dorothea Tanning Foundation “as an introduction and tribute to Dorothea Tanning’s extraordinary life and work as both a visual artist and a poet.”