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Look Here: A bloody history with blood-soaked art by Victor Kalin

Back in August, I bought a small stack of gothic paperbacks with covers that depict women fleeing from castles, houses, men, etc., that I thought I might scan and post in the run up to Halloween this year, but now it looks like that is not going to happen.

(What can I say? I simply lost interest.)

A few minutes ago, however, I did manage to scan the cover of Daniel P. Mannix’s The History of Torture (London: New English Library, 1970), with art by Victor Kalin:


Kalin’s work was not produced specifically for Mannix’s book but rather was repurposed from an earlier publication, Peter Saxon’s The Torturer (NY: Paperback Library, 1967). Although both covers are dominated by Kalin’s painting, the NEL version stands out as the better of the two due to the designer’s selection of a title font that echoes the gothic details of the artwork.

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