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Look Here: Two SF covers with antiseptic airbrush art by the great unknown

Neither of the following two SF covers from the mid 1970s includes a credit for the cover artist, neither artist signed his work in a spot that couldn’t easily be cropped out, and neither artist has been identified by other means by the folks at or any other reputable site, but based on appearances, I would say that the two covers are, at the very least, very likely by the same hand…



Shortly after I posted the above scans, a reader, Cyrille, delurked to say that the artist might be Peter Lloyd. And you know what? I think Cyrille is right!

RELATED LINK (added 06 October 2013):

Look Here: One lovely cover with antiseptic airbrush art by Peter Lloyd — which brings the total number of “Lloyd” covers here at RCN to three (so far).

Keywords: CenterForce by T. A. Waters, Away and Beyond by A. E. Van Vog, Peter Lloyd.

3 thoughts on “Look Here: Two SF covers with antiseptic airbrush art by the great unknown

  1. They certainly look like Peter’s style. I’ve seen many of his originals and these are very close. Unfortunately the only original Peter Lloyd painting I have are oils done when he was living with us at the age of 15. His passing was a great loss to friends, family and the art world.


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