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Look Here: A trio of FOUNDATION covers with art by Don Ivan Punchatz

When I posted “Look Here: Three paperback covers plus with art by Don Ivan Punchatz” back in mid-May, I included a small “bonus” JPEG, reposted from another site, that displays all three of Punchatz’s iconic covers for Avon Science Fiction paperback edition of Isaac Asimov’s classic “Foundation Trilogy.” I would have posted my own scans, except that, at the time, I was missing the first book in the trilogy. Earlier today, however, I found, and purchased, a slightly beat-up copy of the Avon edition of Foundation at a local bookstore that perfectly matches the slightly beat-up copies of Foundation and Empire and Second Foundation that I already have in my collection. So now, as is my wont, I’m here to share my good fortune with the rag-tag fugitive followers of Ragged Claws Network:


Keywords: Foundation, Foundation and Empire, Second Foundation, Isaac Asimov, Don Ivan Punchatz.

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