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Rest in Peace: Carmine Infantino (24 May 1925 – 04 April 2013)

The great comics artist, designer, editor, and publisher, Carmine Infantino, died earlier today at age 87.

In tribute to the master, I’ve assembled a small gallery of scans, displayed below, that includes several comic covers from the 1950s, pencilled by Infantino and finished by various inkers, including Sy Barry and Bob Lander, along with one cover from 1964, inked by Murphy Anderson, and a couple of pages of original art from Vampirella #59, inked by Alex Nino:


“You know, the most important thing about my artwork: It never matured. Because just before it reached maturity, I stopped and became an editor. Because a good friend of mine once said to me, ‘Why don’t you ever talk about your artwork? Why don’t you have any around your apartment?’ And the answer is very simple: My artwork to me is like an unfinished symphony, a painting that has never been completely done, a baby that never was produced… You understand what I’m saying?”
— Carmine Infantino, in conversation with Gary Groth, The Comics Journal #191.

BONUS IMAGES (added 05 April 2013):



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