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Heads Up: Detrocboi is having an art sale

A young freelance illustrator from Italy who also draws comics, Stefano Rusca, a.k.a. Detrocboi, is having a sale of his full-colour drawings in order to raise money for future projects. Truth be told, I was not familiar with Stefano’s art until yesterday, but after doing a bit of digging through det.roc.boi’s impressive photostream, I decided to buy a drawing of a monster by the name of “Wrim Wram Wrom”:



Over on his blog, the artist notes that the monster’s name “comes from a Coil song,” but I daresay the phrase “Wrim Wram Wrom” is more likely to remind North American comics fans of early 1960s Marvel monsters like Fin Fang Foom and Tim Boo Ba, though the visual style here is less Kirby-and-Ayers and more Moebius-meets-Woodring. Which is to say: it’s cool.

Detrocboi’s current sales page is here. He also sells prints of his work through society6


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