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Look Here: Seven drawings from 1973 by Noel Sickles

First published in National Geographic Magazine, vol. 144, no. 6 (December 1973), the following drawings by Noel Sickles of “Scorchy Smith” fame were commissioned by the magazine’s editors to accompany an article by David Lewis entitled “Alone to Antarctica”; they were scanned for display here at RCN, by me, from a copy of the magazine that I bought at a local thrift store:


Notice that the two largest drawings have a seam about two-thirds of the way from right. This is because the pictures were spread over two pages. Lazy bum that I am, I have done nothing to try to “fix” them.

One thought on “Look Here: Seven drawings from 1973 by Noel Sickles

  1. Wow! Sickles was an awesome artist. I love the way he draws the furnishings and objects in the boat so simply with line, almost like a contour drawing, and the figure of the man so much more rendered. Nice find!


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