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Heads Up: Original art for sale by Jess/Jeff Johnson

“[S]kewered on a spit of material need just like everyone else,” artist Jess Johnson is having a sale of art that she produced in the mid-1990s under the name Jeff Johnson. Earlier this morning, I purchased page six of the story, “Gruesome Charlie in ‘No Erect Penises,'” which was published in 1995 in issue #4 of the Fantagraphics anthology series, Zero Zero, and is #23 on The Comics Reporter’s list of “1000 Things to Like about Comics” (posted 23 March 2005). Although I don’t have the page in hand yet, I do have the images from the sale page:

If you think you might like to add a page by “Jeff Johnson” to your own collection of original comic art — at a very reasonable price, I might add — check out Jess’s Etsy shop, “The Door.”

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