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Look Here: Four Agatha Christie novels with cover art by Tom Adams

Although I have never read a single novel by Agatha Christie, I have over forty old paperbacks with her name on them in my personal collection. Most of them have cover art by Tom Adams but a handful feature cover art by William Teason. My plan is, eventually, to scan them all for display here. As regular visitors here might recall, I posted a scan of an Agatha Christie with cover art by Tom Adams on Halloween, as well as a couple of Raymond Chandlers with art by Tom Adams back in August. And now here are four more:


Tom Adams + mystery novels = illustration gold!

Why Tom Adams’ cover art has not secured him a spot in the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame is a greater mystery than anything ever dreamt of in the world of fiction…

Keywords: A Pocket Full of Rye, Third Girl, By the Pricking of My Thumbs, Cat Among the Pigeons.

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