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Look Here: THE PAINTED BIRD, with first-rate cover art by Leo and Diane Dillon

From the library of yours truly, as usual:


BTW, there’s a certain “Dillon Fangirl” out there who seems to think that she has a right to take EVERY Dillon scan from RCN (and LOTS of other sites, too) and post them ALL on her Dillon fan blog without properly acknowledging her sources, i.e., without posting links to the pages where she “found” the images. Now, as someone who goes to a lot of trouble to find and purchase old paperbacks and scan them for display on the Web, I think that what she has done (and continues to do) is extremely uncool. And the fact is, I’ve told her as much by email. I’ve also told her that she is NOT welcome here at RCN. Won’t do any good, of course. She is ungrateful. And utterly shameless.

Keywords: The Painted Bird.

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