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Look Here: Ellery Queen shadowbox covers, post 1 of 3

I have twelve of the paperbacks in the Signet reprint series of Ellery Queen mystery novels that appeared in the early 1970s, published by The New American Library of Canada Limited, Toronto, Ontario. What attracted me to the series was the puzzling low-budget editorial decision to tie the books together visually with cover photographs — the photographer is uncredited — of individual women in various costumes (and various stages of undress), holding various symbolic props, mostly oversized, and standing in what I would describe as multicoloured shadowboxes. Unfortunately, I don’t have all of the books that appeared in the series, but since I really don’t have any intention of hunting the rest of them down to complete my collection, I’ve decided to go ahead and scan the covers of the books that I do have. So here, for your viewing enjoyment, is the first group of four, presented in order of publication, with eight more covers to follow, also presented in groups of four, so stay tuned for that:



Keywords: The Spanish Cape Mystery, The Four of Hearts, The Last Woman in His Life, The Door Between.

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