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Look Here: Eight colour illustrations by J. R. Flanagan

At the Thrift Shop this morning, I purchased the illustrated edition of Henry van Dyke’s The Story of the Other Wise Man published by Harper & Brothers back in the early 1920s; the book has no dust cover, but since the rest of it is in good condition, and it only cost me 99 cents, I have no complaints. Although it is alarmingly easy to crack the spines of old books like this one simply by opening them too wide, never mind flattening them out on the scanner, I feel that the binding in this instance is both sturdy enough and loose enough to survive a bit of a workout, so…

Here are all eight of artist J. R. Flanagan’s colour illustrations for The Story of the Other Wise Man, freshly steamed and pressed for the Web by yours truly:


The Story of the Other Wise Man also includes many lovely line drawings by Flanagan, but I’ll save those for another day.

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