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Rest in Peace: Leo Dillon (1933 – 2012)

In a post on the blog dated 29 May 2012, Irene Gallo announced the passing of Leo Dillon, one half of the legendary husband-and-wife illustration team of Leo and Diane Dillon. Leo was 79 years old.

Here, in remembrance of Leo Dillon, is a teeny-tiny sampler from the magnificent body of work the Dillons created together (although the Tolstoy cover from 1961 is just signed “Dillon,” so I suppose it might just be rare example of a solo cover illustration by Leo; yes, Leo and Diane were married in 1957, but my understanding is that they didn’t immediately begin to do all of their illustration work as a team); the covers have been scanned by yours truly, from books in my own collection:


Not that it matters, but I have to say 1) that Who’s in Rabbit’s House? is one of my favourite children’s books of all time, and 2) that my enduring affection for the book is entirely due to the Dillon’s expressive character designs and sly, energetic, innovative staging of the story.

To view all of the covers with art by Leo and Diane Dillon that I’ve posted so far here at RCN, click here.


From an online auction, here’s a scan of Leo and Diane Dillon’s original art for the cover of John Brunner’s The Traveler in Black:


Keywords: The Cossacks and the Raid, The Traveler in Black, Justice and Her Brothers, Dustland, The Art of Leo & Diane Dillon, The Snow Queen, World’s End, Honey, I love, Ashanti to Zulu, Who’s in Rabbit’s House.

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