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Look Here: A fourth obscure paperback cover by Frank Frazetta

From my collection, here’s another paperback with cover art by Frank Frazetta that I doubt many people have seen or remember:


Covers like that one show that even Frazetta, mighty Frazetta, didn’t only hit home runs when he was at bat.

Keywords: Burroughs: Master of Adventure.

4 thoughts on “Look Here: A fourth obscure paperback cover by Frank Frazetta

  1. Does this edition have the Al Williamson, Reed Crandall, and Frank Frazetta illustrations found in the Canaveral Press hardcover? In The Comics Journal Library interview, Mark Schultz described an illustrated paperback edition as a major discovery in his youth.


  2. I used to own this book as a teen, haven’t seen it since way back when. Been searching for it in recent years, but could not recall the title.

    Thanks for posting this.


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