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Look Here: THE HANGING TREE, with cover art by E. Means

Whenever I’m browsing in stores that sell used books, I like to take a few minutes to rifle through the Western novels. I keep hoping that I’ll find some great Western covers, but more often than not, I’m disappointed. Turns out that, for the most part, the covers of Western novels are just not very interesting. But here’s an exception:


The signature on the art looks to me to be “E. Means,” but I can find no information about a cover artist from the 1960s named E. Means on the Web. That cover, however, is killer!

2 thoughts on “Look Here: THE HANGING TREE, with cover art by E. Means

  1. “This guy need some medical assistance. Or is he levitating?”

    Makes no difference. Either way, it’s a cool cover.


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