3 thoughts on “Look Here: A drawing of a geisha by Jeffrey Jones

  1. You seem to be the most knowledgeable person in regards to Jones’ carreer… Golden Age Comic Book Stories posted “Beautiful Images” a couple of days ago including one from Jones apparently from 1977 called “Sleep”… Could I have more info from that picture ? It is amzing !!! Thanks in advance…


  2. I’d rather not present myself as an expert on the career of Jeffrey Jones, Steed. I’m an admirer of Jones’s work, nothing more. I do, however, have a little bit of information (and speculation) about Sleep that I can pass on to you.

    The first time I ever saw Sleep was in the Dragon’s Dream publication, The Studio, where it appeared alongside a beautiful pencil drawing of the central figures that the caption stated was from 1975.

    The Studio was published in 1979, but two years earlier, in 1977, A & W Visual Library/Paper Tiger published a book called The Flights of Icarus, which also included a reproduction of Sleep. Others are certainly welcome to correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe that that was the first time Sleep appeared in print. If I’m right, then I suppose it’s a reasonable guess that the painting was created some time between 1975 and 1977. The Studio gives the date of the painting as 1977, but Jones (by his own admission) never was much of a record keeper, which I think is a big reason why the art books dedicated to Jones’s art typically supply little or no information about the individual works.

    Which is to say, I don’t think that Sleep was created to fulfill an assignment from a publisher. Rather, I think it was one of a number of works that Jones created for himself at a time when he was cutting back on illustration work.

    That being said, I do know that Sleep was at some point — the early 1980s, perhaps — reproduced as a 23 x 35 inch poster that was printed in Europe by Big O Publishing.

    Most recently, the pencil “preliminary” for Sleep and the subsequent painting were reproduced on pages 38 and 39 respectively, in Jeffrey Jones: A Life in Art, published by IDW in early 2011.

    And that’s all I “know” about Sleep.

    Hope it was helpful, Steed.


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