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Look Here: BAD FOR GOOD, with cover art by Richard Corben

Bad for Good has attractive but flawed cover art by Corben, but Jim Steinman ought to have given these songs to Meat Loaf to sing, back when Meat Loaf could still bellow like a bull and shriek like a bat out of hell…



Pity about the typographical onslaught at the bottom of both the LP and the CD covers. Clearly, somebody — the record company, Steinman himself — didn’t trust that record buyers would notice the “Bad for Good” tattoo on the forearm of Corben’s winged rock god… or read the back cover… or read the labels centred on both sides of the LP… or, well, you get the idea…

2 thoughts on “Look Here: BAD FOR GOOD, with cover art by Richard Corben

  1. I remember thinking when this was originally published that it was odd how the winged guy had two right hands. Thanks for posting!


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