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Coming in July 2012 from Dark Horse:



Here’s the publisher’s description:


Richard Corben (W/A/Cover), Donald F. McGregor (W), Greg Potter (W), Doug Moench (W), Bill DuBay (W), Steve Skeates (W), Rich Margopoulos (W), Jim Stenstrum (W), Gerry Boudreau (W), Budd Lewis (W), Bruce Jones (W), Roger McKenzie (W), Gerald Conway (W), Al Hewetson (W), Jack Butterworth (W), and Greg Potter (W)

On sale July 18
FC, 320 pages
HC, 8 3/8″ x 10 7/8″

Over 300 pages of timeless terror from a master storyteller! Horror comics visionary and coloring pioneer Richard Corben has been a voice of creativity and change for over four decades. For the first time ever, Corben’s legendary Creepy and Eerie short stories and cover illustrations are being collected into one deluxe hardcover! With an informative foreword by artist and comic book colorist José Villarrubia — who also provides color restoration — this volume features Richard Corben’s original stories, Edgar Allan Poe adaptations, and collaborations with cast of comic-book writers.

* Essential stories and illustrations from Richard Corben!

* The first collection of all of Corben’s legendary Creepy and Eerie stories!

This is great news, but what we really want is the complete underground and self-published comics of Richard Corben! Giddy-up, Dark Horse!


  1. Yes the underground works but uncensored.With all the respect i don’t think a main stream company would have the courage(sic!) to print those masterpieces uncensored,but then again you never know……


  2. A few years ago, Kim Thompson at Fantagraphics approached Corben about reprinting his underground comics, but Corben politely declined. Although he said at the time that he had other plans for that material, Corben didn’t divulge what those plans were. (In the meantime, Corben’s been selling art from his underground and other comics at a steady pace; one hopes that he has created high-quality scans of everything that has gone out the door, and that he also has back-ups of those files.) Fantagraphics would have published the work uncensored, for sure. But Corben appears to have a good relationship with the people at Dark Horse. Which is why I think Dark Horse is the obvious candidate to reprint the underground comics, a Den omnibus, new editions of Bloodstar, Mutant World, New Tales of the Arabian Nights, etc., etc. But I agree with you: if Dark Horse or whoever is not going to reprint the comics uncensored, Corben should let someone else do the job.


  3. BTW, if Taschen can print Guido Crepax’s comics (and plenty of other explict books for adults) without censorship, and Fantagraphics can print The Complete Crumb Comics, and both companies can sell the books through Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, etc., without incident, why on earth couldn’t Dark Horse reprint Corben’s underground comics — which are actually fairly tame compared either to Crepax’s or to Crumb’s work — uncensored?

    Come on, Dark Horse! Man up! 😉


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