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Look Here, Read: “Muscle Builders, Part I,” with layouts by Kurtzman, finished art by Elder

Harvey Kurtzman created the following full-colour layouts for the story “Little Annie Fanny: Muscle Builders, Part I,” which appeared in the December 1977 issue of Playboy:


The finished art, as usual, was by Will Elder…


BTW, I have no plans to post part II of that story/episode; I’ve only included the published pages above for the sake of comparison with Kurtzman’s layouts.

If you’d like to read more, you really ought to consider purchasing the full-colour collection, Little Annie Fanny, Volume 2: 1970-1988 (ISBN-10: 1569715203; ISBN-13: 978-1569715208), which was published by Dark Horse in 2001 and is still available for purchase, new, at various online bookstores.

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