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I hope you will be patient…

This blog was hacked today, and since I was away from my computer from the early morning until supper time, I have no idea when it happened, exactly, or why. So I’m not taking it personally. Rather, I am now in the process of reconstructing the blog from my backup. If you use WordPress and have any hints on how I might beef up the security here, please feel free to post your advice.

Although my backup is of recent vintage, it is not right up to date, so I definitely have few posts that I need to reconstruct. But if you check back in a day or so, I will probably have everything restored. That’s the plan, anyway.

— RC


It’s 10:49 pm, and I think I’ve got everything back to normal. Again, if any WordPress users out there know of a good plugin to enhance the security of WordPress, please do tell. I’ve already changed all of my passwords, uninstalled a few plugins, and added an htaccess file to stop anyone but a user on my home computer from accessing the wp-admin directory. Suggestions?

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