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Look Here, Read: “Gone Is the Gargoyle,” with art by Mort Drucker

From Marvel Tales, volume 1, number 127, here’s “Gone Is the Gargoyle,” a story with no formal credit for either the scriptwriter or the artist; however, as often happened “back in the day,” the artist got around this by signing his name, unobtrusively, on the art itself — in this case, on the bottom left of the last page:



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One thought on “Look Here, Read: “Gone Is the Gargoyle,” with art by Mort Drucker

  1. That’s a great post! I don’t think I’ve ever seen any non-Mad Drucker art, at least aside from perhaps a TV guide cover or so. Interesting that his signature was virtually the same for that early work…you can see he takes care with it in the vid. Mort is one of the great ones, that’s for sure.


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