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Look Here: 1984 #1 – cover and original art by Richard Corben

Corben’s unique method of producing full-colour art by combining a continuous-tone black-and-white grisaille (produced using airbrush, pen and ink, markers, pencil crayons, brushes and paint, etc.) with overlaid, handmade colour separations, gave his finished work a luminosity, intensity, and above all, a texture, that artists who relied on airbrush alone struggled to imitate; it also meant that all of the images produced via Corben’s process — including not only many classic covers but also entire graphic novels such as New Tales of the Arabian Nights, the multi-volume Den saga, and the Heavy Metal reprint of Bloodstar — only exist in colour in the printed versions. The cover of 1984 #1 is a case in point:


Here’s another example.

2 thoughts on “Look Here: 1984 #1 – cover and original art by Richard Corben

  1. The title of the magazine was based on George Orwell’s famous dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, originally published in 1948 and continuously in print since then.

    In fact, in 1980, Warren changed the title of the magazine to 1994, apparently at the request of George Orwell’s estate.

    Which is to say, whatever one thinks about 1984 as the title for a comics magazine, at least it had literary caché; 1994, however, might as well have been chosen out of a hat.

    1994 ceased publication in 1983, when Warren Publishing went bankrupt.


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