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Heads Up: “The Voyage of the Ayeguy” by Josh Kirby

Over on the FLOG! Blog, Mike Baehr has posted to alert readers that Fantagraphics is selling a copy of the signed, limited-edition portfolio, The Voyage of the Ayeguy (1980), by Josh Kirby, via ebay. The portfolio is number 877 of 1,200. The starting bid is set at US$100; the auction ends on Sunday. If you bid and win, you’ll not only have the satisfaction of supporting a respected publishing house with a storied history but here’s what you’ll be able to add to your “print” collection:

UPDATE (08 June 2011):

I see that the “Voyage of the Ayeguy” portfolio didn’t sell the first time around; however, the good news for Josh Kirby fans on a tight budget is that it has now been relisted with a reduced starting bid of US$75.00. Are portfolios of this kind a good investment? I have no idea, though I must admit that I do own a number of them, including the Barry Windsor-Smith’s and Jeffrey Jones’s boxed Cygnus drawing portfolios, Jeffrey Jones’s “As a Child” and “World without End” portfolios, Barry Windsor-Smith’s “Fantastic Islands,” “Sibyla,” and “Excalibur” portfolios, Arthur Suydam’s “Mysterious World: The Art of Arthur Suydam,” Richard Corben’s “Scenes from the Magic Planet,” and Alex Nino’s “Fantasy Worlds.”

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