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Connections: Wood, Frazetta, Morrow, Steranko

The famous cover of Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D #6 (November 1968) is commonly referred to as Steranko’s “homage to Wally Wood” — that spacesuit! — although many have noted that the cover could almost as easily be seen as an homage to Famous Funnies #214, with art by Frazetta. I don’t, however, recall anyone mentioning what I believe is a swipe by Steranko from the opening panel of “The Man in Grey,” World of Fantasy #7 (May 1957), with art by Gray Morrow. Or maybe I’m just seeing things. Take a look and decide for yourself…

Yes, the yellow-and-orange-suited figure on the 1952 cover of Weird Science #15 (art by Wally Wood; see above) is in the ballpark — it may, in fact, have been an influence on both Morrow and Steranko — but there’s something about that Morrow panel…

4 thoughts on “Connections: Wood, Frazetta, Morrow, Steranko

  1. I’m not convinced. Steranko of course was deeply influenced by Wood, and no doubt drew on him for the planets in the background. But whether he was looking at this specific Wood cover for the body pose, I doubt it. That pose was just a standard way Steranko and Wood positioned the legs.


  2. Well, rich, I’m sorry to have to disagree with you, but there is nothing “standard” about that pose. It is not intuitive to show somebody striding along when they are actually floating in space. The pose is a Wood-ism. It occurs again and again in Wood’s work. Which is precisely why Steranko used the pose in a picture which, as I said in my post, is generally acknowledged to be an homage to Wally Wood.

    P.S. Perhaps you didn’t notice, but Steranko also inked that Nick Fury cover in his best imitation of Wood’s style. But as you say, “Steranko of course was deeply influenced by Wood.”


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