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Heads Up: “Hellboy Library Edition Volume 4”

Coming in July 2011 from Dark Horse:

At last, the handsome, oversized “Hellboy Library Edition” hardcover series continues with Volume 4, which collects the following two trade-paperback collections of short stories: The Troll Witch and Other Stories, with scripts by Mike Mignola and art by Mignola, Richard Corben, and P. Craig Russell; and The Crooked Man and Others, with scripts by Mike Mignola and art by Richard Corben, Duncan Fegredo, Joshua Dysart, and Jason Shawn Alexander. The book will also include an extensive selection of previously unreleased sketches and designs. If you own any of the previous volumes, you’ll know that Mignola’s much-admired solo art looks absolutely gorgeous in the oversized format, and I expect that the work of Mignola’s hand-picked artist-collaborators will fare just as well, especially with multiple Eisner Award-winning Photoshop magician, Dave Stewart, handling the colours. A must have!


The Art of Coloring: Making Comics With Dave Stewart [Interview]

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