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Look Here, Read: “Interview with John Severin” from 1973 and more!

From The Mirk-Wood Times #2 (March 1973), here’s an interview with John Severin in which the EC and Cracked stalwart can think of only one underground artist worthy of praise; and if that isn’t a big enough blast from the past, here, too, from Thrilling Adventure Stories #2 (August 1975), is “Town Tamer,” with story by Steve Mitchell and art by Severin:


“They made a devastation and called it peace” — Roman historian Tacitus on the Roman conquest of lowland Scotland, AD 80-81.

2 thoughts on “Look Here, Read: “Interview with John Severin” from 1973 and more!

  1. Man, thanks for that. I love John Severin’s work. One of the best, if not the best, war comic guys ever, in my opinion. Also “straight” adventure, that is non-super hero type stuff, with soldiers-of-fortune type guys, or British army stories…he’s just a classic. Thanks.


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