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Here, Read: An interview with Richard Corben from 1973

From The Mirk-Wood Times #4 and #5 (1973), here are the first two parts of an obscure interview with Richard Corben, who was then only 32 years old:


Some interesting tidbits of information in there… if you’re a Corben fan… too bad I don’t own the issue with part three… it would help if I could find any evidence that part three was ever published…

Richard Corben turned 70 on 01 October 2010.

Where has the time gone?

4 thoughts on “Here, Read: An interview with Richard Corben from 1973

  1. Me, too. What a shame it is that all of Corben’s underground and self-published work is out of print in English. Kim Thompson of Fantagraphics Books has said that he would publish a collection of Corben’s underground work in a heartbeat, but when he approached Corben about it, Corben politely said he had other plans for the work. That was a couple of years ago.


  2. That was incredibly interesting! I love how Corben does a comic, stapling pages together…I wonder if he still uses that technique. I also wonder if he’s still in shape…I know he was into lifting weights and on his site they had a gif of him doing one-armed push-ups.He seems like the kind of guy who’d still be in shape at age 70. He’s one of those artists who I consider as an all-time favorite, and who I admire not only for his art but for the way he lives his life. (At least what I know of his life.) Like Frazetta, Steranko, and some others, their careers and life stories are like good books, making me wish my life was like theirs. (Well, a little like theirs, anyway. I’m not too dissatisfied with my life!)


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